EGL questions & answers!

I thought up some questions that I could use to explore my interest in the fashion... please enjoy! (and feel free to use yourself, if you like)

coord details [below]
headpiece, bustier ~ MAM / skirt, blouse ~ VM / shoes ~ meta

Q1 favourite brands & why

number one is Victorian Maiden! The fit always suits my body type beautifully, and the subtly gothic style of the older pieces is to die for, and is such an interesting take on classic.

other than that, I love ETC, for the price, simplicity & wearability, and the fit too! Juliette et Justine's older pieces are incredibly opulent and stunning, and of course I love wacky Jane Marple!!

Q2 describe your personal style

1910s meets 1990s gothic... as Victorian Maiden's old (?) tagline went: 'intelligent, decadent beauty' . I'm no hedonist: serious opulence... in other words, oldschool classic!

Q3 favourite fabric

gobelin! I like tapestry textures... corduroy is also lovely. Velveteen is wonderful, but I only really like it in black. It's such a hassle, since you can't clean it at home...

Q4 style you couldn't see yourself in

anything sweet or gothic past 2009 - I like very very simple makeup, natural hair & very few accessories. I feel I would look too plain for those styles.

Q5 historical eras that inspire you

medieval European fashion is my absolute favourite. the sleek, long silhouettes & their simplicity I find beautiful. I also adore the bare face, and that makeup-less look with long, long hair. I think it suits my face quite well... that incredibly Gothic look with no makeup, very, very thin overplucked brows & long natural hair is my goal.

I also really enjoy the 1910s! and a little of the early 1920s, The Edwardian silhouette was so relaxed in comparison with the Victorian era. I enjoy all the layering & I find the film of the era really touching-and of course, the hair! The relaxed hairstyles are really striking, and I can't wait until my hair is long enough to try them...