I found an old livejournal challenge on the eglfashion dreamwidth; since my goal is to condense my wardrobe into something akin to a capsule wardrobe... I thought it'd be fun to try.


1. Choose 10 items from your wardrobe. Shoes are part of this list.
2. These items should not include: accessories such as socks, jewellery, bags or headgear.
3. Label each item from A - J.
4. Put together 7 significantly different outfits from your 10 items.
5. You may choose to wait until you want to go out in lolita, or just wear all 7 straight away in your room!
6. Take pictures, and label the different components.


A. Gobelins Pleated Bustier ~ VM (2003)
B. Gobelin Mermaid Skirt ~ VM (2001)
C. Camisole ~ Metamorphose (2001)
D. Skirt ~ Metamorphose (2001)
E. Crown Skirt (non-printed) ~ VM (2001)
F. Cotton Lace Frill Collar Blouse ~ VM (2005)
G. Black Side Lace-Up Bustier ~ MAM (2000s)
H. Cotton Raschel Lace Blouse ~ Metamorphose (2004)
I. Black Square-Toe Heels (????)
J. Smoke Boot ~ Unif


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)

This is my idea of 'Gothic' - I wore this with no makeup, and it looked quite avant-garde and beautiful.
My favourite Gothic coords are quite serious, plain; I love the marriage of Gothic & Classic in very early VM, and that's the look I was wishing to emulate.


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)

This is my 'I'm being stopped for a street snap while I'm busy doing errands' look...
I love to show off this blouse! I think the choice of blouse is often overlooked. The look is simple, casual, wearable and extremely comfortable. Daily wear!
I even tried to copy the awkward street snap poses they all used to do in ye olden days... lol


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)

This time with my ivory parasol!
I seem to really love 'boring' coords... wearbility is key! I also think the details in the blouse, the ribbons, as well as the texture of the bustier really elevate the look and make it subtly fancy.


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)
Socks : Offbrand

A very simple, comfortable look... I wanted to really show off the volume of the skirt... oddly, I don't wear the 'normal' lolita silhouette very much.
I was going to use my parasol, but it's ivory & I wanted an all black look. I also tried to keep it as plain as possible... but some arm covers would be lovely with this.
My Moi-même-Moitié Cross Arch Arm Covers would work nicely... and let's hope I get myself a black parasol soon!


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)

I feel like 'Classic Ero' is a nonexistent substyle, but I'll keep it on life support singlehandedly.
For some reason, I always end up doing an ero coord... it's inevitable at this point. I do find the mix of couch florals, leg, those incredible platforms and that frumpy blouse & peplum camisole really quite fun, though!


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)
Socks, Bag : Offbrand

Another hilariously samey coord!
I really think investing in a statement blouse is the mark of a seasoned lolita - I've sold my 'filler' blouses & only kept the ones that stand up on their own. That attention to detail is really nice to see in others' wardrobes!


Headpiece : Mini Hat ~ Metamorphose (2013)
Socks, Bag : Offbrand

A wearable, street-snappy oldschool classic look; I love when EGL crosses into other fashion & doesn't follow the silhouette. I still think it's recognisably, at least 'inspired' by Lolita... I'm definitely obsessed with VM & JetJ's 'not quite following the rules' styling!
The skirt is quite big & the gobelin fabric makes it stick out quite stiff and funny. I do enjoy that it's not sleek. The frumpy look makes it feel 'oldschool'.