10 ITEMS / 7 (...) COORDS [2]

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I wanted to do a version of this with more colour & pattern - focusing on spring/summer looks... enjoy! :)


A. Strawberries & Daises JSK ~ Emily Temple (pre 1998)
B. Olivia JSK ~ VM (2002)
C. Bernadette Skirt ~ VM (2004)
D. Romanesque Rose Skirt ~ VM (2001)
E. Lawn Stripe Camisole ~ VM (2005)
F. Cotton Lace Frill Collar Blouse ~ VM (2005)
G. Black Shortsleeve Shirring Blouse ~ Jane Marple
H. Velveteen Capelet ~ Metamorphose (c. 1998-2000)
I. Black Square-Toe Heels (????)
J. Smoke Boot ~ Unif


Headpiece : Emily Temple Cute Tiara...
Necklace : VW
Bag : Sweetie Gingham Border Tote Bag ~ BtSSB (2007)

A very easy coord for a nice lazy day! The big platforms give a real 90s vibe - fitting for such an 'old' dress!
The dress is a very thin, light corduroy... the texture is wonderful & the loose high waist fit is nice and airy for hot weather!! The only thing is... I wish the tiara was more visible on the pics, LOL!


Headpiece : Chemical Lace Headdress ~ Innocent World (2007)
Bag : offbrand

Another simple look! Black & blue are a classic combo & the voluminous but short length of the skirt has a peppy, light look... the tiers of the skirt allow for a very tiny petti (or none at all)
I think the socks would be a little nicer with lace on them but... well, in the oldschool 'make-do' spirit, I used what I had, LOL. I wanted the black shoes & black socks to mirror the long long black wig.


Necklace : VW
Bag : offbrand

I feel like those long, clean lines & clearly historical influences (something of the smooth medieval silhouette with a regency high waist in this...) are really 'me' -- This sort of 'column' silhouette with the big platforms is really gorgeous on its own, but the capelet really adds an interesting flair... this look was really beautiful with no makeup -- really gothic & severe, love it!


Headpiece : Chemical Lace Headdress ~ Innocent World (2007)
Necklace : VW
Bag : Usakumya Pochette ~ BtSSB (2013)

This one was so difficult to photograph... in retrospect, I should've not put the fishnets on (or got white ones) but alas... Also... I cheated a bit -- I have a pair of shoes similar to [I] but with an open back, and tried them on for the picture... and kept them on. Forgive my transgression...
A very light, sleeveless, pink & cream look for summer. Strawberry ice cream!


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)
Bloomers ~ Old BtSSB
Bag : A/W Menswear Silk Jacquard Bag ~ JPG (1998)

Something for a cooler day, with plenty of textures & layers, but not cool enough for a coat - this is the most 'by the book' Lolita outfit I've done in a while, how charming!


Headpiece : Princess Rose Headdress ~ Maxicimam (2020)
Armwarmers : Cross Arch Arm Covers ~ MmM (2020)
Bag : Usakumya Pochette ~ BtSSB (2013)

Black & Blue is a wonderful mix, so cool & refreshing... this beautiful blouse has 4 ribbons to tighten the shirring, for a really flattering, tight fit... a simple look -- just wanted to add the Kumya to make it cuter, for the sunny season


Headpiece : Chemical Lace Headdress ~ Innocent World (2007)
Socks: BtSSB
Bag : Usakumya Pochette ~ BtSSB (2013)

I even added my Kagerou fan! This felt like a really peppy but easy to wear look that you could wear to some sort of event... my favourite colour combo, too!